Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Return of the Happy Dance

Many moons ago, I mentioned that I had purchased a scrumptious lobster tail to celebrate some terrific news which I was sure was forthcoming. That tail has been gathering frost in my freezer ever since.

It's been a long summer (and beyond) of inactivity for me, though I had some fun working on a film, and spent several days training young lawyers how to examine witnesses (that's not as provocative as it sounds). But I never really feel I'm working unless I'm in a show. As a result, I cast my net beyond the DC area, and spent several days auditioning for The Producers in Connecticut, and before that, attended a general audition for an up-and-coming theatre in North Carolina while I visited the pater.
More recently, I spent at least a month auditioning at a tiny theatre in Annapolis, for a production of The Fantasticks. I have unfinished business with the musical The Fantasticks, but that is another blog entry. Suffice it to say that, for now, that business will remain unfinished.

Though I confess I've been concerned about the lack of work, I am used to these periods of inactivity. My career has always had an ebb and flow to it; I tend to work a lot all at once, then remain unemployed for a while. Gladly, the current slump has come to an end, and there is once again Happy Dancing around here. That general audition I had in North Carolina at the beginning of the summer, after a loooong gestation period, yielded fruit, and I will be traveling back to NC in January for a brand new adventure. I'll be returning to the challenging world of Tom Stoppard (I did Arcadia a while back), tackling his first play.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern may end up dead, but not before I strut some stuff.

Tonight, I'm defrosting that lobster tail.