Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Dance Party: Excellent Excrement

Our stars sing about their favorite diagnostic tool: stool.
With all the hoopla this week, regarding health care, it's only fitting that this week's Dance Party take place in a hospital. 
Musical episodes of non-musical series usually
don't work. This one did.

It comes from the musical episode of one of the most underrated  sitcoms of the last decade (though not by me), Scrubs.  It is actually the second time that particular episode has provided content for these pages, go here to see the big opening number, and a discussion of the Very Special Musical Episode of TV programs to which we are sometimes subjected.
The most famous of these Musical Episodes is probably this one, which has been recreated by amateur groups and, as you can see, released on the big screen for Sing-A-Longs.
But this is a fun little number, written (as all the songs in the show were) by the gents who won the Tony for Avenue Q
Stephanie D'Abruzzo needs a CAT scan.

Our female observer also comes from Avenue Q, and is having some head trauma, which explains why she believes everyone around her is singing.
The big Opening Number can be seen here.
Maybe they can't sing, but at least
the Scrubs gang looks like they are
having fun, unlike other casts inflicted
with musical episodes.

Clear?  Who cares?  Enjoy this week's Dance Party, in honor of the recent Supreme Court decision, which perhaps has all medical personnel singing and dancing.  Or not.