Monday, January 28, 2008

More Missing Genes

I've already discussed my lack of the Halloween Gene, so prevalent among others in my tribe. I'm missing several other such genes too, like the decorating gene (I can't look at a corner of the room and decide what would be perfect there) and the fashion gene (I have certainly not bought fashionable clothes in at least two decades).
Another gene I'm missing is one so prevalent among others, that my membership card may be revoked.

I lack the Garland Gene.

Now, don't misunderstand me. I recognize our Judy as a terrific performer, and even have several of her recordings. The double album release of her Capitol Recordings has accompanied me on many long car trips. She knows her way around a song, that's for sure. I appreciate her theatricality, and her heart.
But as for her movies...uh, oh. I'm in trouble.

I don't count The Wizard of Oz, which stands alone. Yes, I know it was Garland's big breakout role, but I just don't consider it a Garland Film. Oz stands on its own as an iconic film which happens to have a stellar cast.
So, putting Oz aside for the moment, I must make the following confession:

I have never seen a Judy Garland movie from beginning to end.

Of course, I've seen all the clips. I've seen young Judy flip her long red hair over her shoulder while she Clang Clang Clangs on the Trolley in Meet Me In St. Louis.
I've seen her mature self in black tights and tux jacket, encouraging us to "Get Happy" in Summer Stock.
I've seen her singing and hoofing with Fred Astaire in Easter Parade.

I've seen all the iconic clips.

But I've never seen one of those movies in its entirety. I've never seen one of the "Let's Put On A Show" movies with Mickey Rooney, I've never seen A Star is Born, I've never seen any of them.

Before you call the police, let me correct myself. I actually have seen one Judy Garland movie from start to finish:

Judgement at Nuremberg.

That counts, doesn't it?

Looking for Some Tail

I was at Costco last week, and I splurged on a nice lobster tail, which I tossed into the freezer. I just knew I was going to want something special with which to celebrate on Monday.

Today is Monday.

The tail is still in the freezer.

'nuff said.