Thursday, January 1, 2009

RESOLVED: realize that the grass is pretty green over here, too. remember whose son I am. And to act accordingly. be more social, like I used to be, and that doesn't mean Facebook. Well, it doesn't mean ONLY Facebook...

 try to nurture acquaintances into true friendships. It used to be much easier, but is still worth the attempt.
 recognize that people can only be the people they are, and try to accept that. get to the point quicker. Really, those preambles bore the crap out of everybody. try not to obsess about the career. To treat it (the career) with respect, to do the best I know, and embrace the fact that, because of my choices, I will never really be In Charge of it.

And to enthusiastically embrace the consequences of those choices. stop worrying what is supposed to happen next, and enjoy what is happening now.

 get more excited about stuff. Because stuff is exciting!

 avoid irritation with my family. They are only the people they can be.

 allow these pages to be a little more carefree, a little less organized, to sound a little more like me. Relaxed. On a really fun day. keep in mind that the written word can appear more harsh than the same word spoken. do a better job of keeping up with the old friends. I miss them and love them, why not tell them so?
 try to release some of the angst from my life, some of the pettiness, some of the judgement. And to avoid calling anyone "my peeps." respect the decisions of those who untag their photos, realizing they should have control over their own image. Even though I own the negative. shut up already about the hair. The color, the length, the beard, enough already.

 become friends with one of my neighbors. Not just any one, the one upstairs. In the track shorts.

 rediscover that part of me I seem to have misplaced. That part which allowed me, every day, to dance.