Monday, May 25, 2009

Letter from Beyond

These pages have been dormant for several days, as I have made the journey to rural Virginia and have leaped into rehearsals for Man of La Mancha. Getting online is not possible in my digs (which are absolutely swell, I’ll describe them later), so contributions to this site will be a bit more random for a little while (how could they be MORE random? I’ve always just written when I wanted to, rather on a time-table, but whatever). I’ll be checking email and posting items from the theatre in the coming days, so stay tuned for the riveting story of my first week’s rehearsal, playing a tenor role with a baritone voice. Ack.

Oh, and if anybody interesting dies, it will be a while before their obit will show up here. Tragic, I know.

As I write this, from my rustic cabin in the woods of Old Virginny, I am watching a family of squirrels frolic under a tree. This woodland variety seems far removed from the crazed city dweller I dealt with in DC, the one stuck in my stove’s exhaust vent. Oh, there goes a bunny! Gotta go.