Sunday, April 1, 2007

One Week Gone

Our first full week of "Opus" rehearsals has come and gone, filled with scheduling snafus and staffing issues. For myself, it was a week full of complicated schleps, from the Stage Guild to the Kennedy Center and back again, over and over again. As a result, I am already feeling behind my fellow actors, as they have had many more hours of rehearsal this first week than I.

The administration is dealing with some monkey wrenches tossed into the mix by the theatre's landlords, and the artistic staff of "Opus" has trouble of its own, what with my crazy schedule, and conflicts from other members of the cast. It looks like our last week of rehearsal (a scant 2 weeks from now) will be a challenging mix of music cues, actors struggling with words, and The Moving of The Chairs, a crucial aspect of this particular production.

I am feeling optimistic that all will be well. But I better get cracking on those pesky words...