Friday, February 22, 2008

Bill Hamlin

The DC theatre community is struggling with the loss of one of our elder statesmen, Bill Hamlin. He passed away yesterday after a battle with lung cancer.
I never had the opportunity to work with Bill, though he was a true gentleman to me the few times we met. And I witnessed many of his performances on various local stages such as the Washington Stage Guild, Theatre J, Everyman, and The Shakespeare Theatre.

He was at home in a wide variety of styles. Here he is in Shaw's The Philanderer at Washington Stage Guild.

Here he is in one of the most hilarious of his recent performances, in Michael Hollinger's Incorruptible, also at the Stage Guild.

In his last weeks, Bill's theatrical family rallied around his bedside, which must have made his final days easier. I hope he had a happy, fulfilled life.

Rest in peace, Bill.