Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Return of the Happy Dance

Many moons ago, I mentioned that I had purchased a scrumptious lobster tail to celebrate some terrific news which I was sure was forthcoming. That tail has been gathering frost in my freezer ever since.

It's been a long summer (and beyond) of inactivity for me, though I had some fun working on a film, and spent several days training young lawyers how to examine witnesses (that's not as provocative as it sounds). But I never really feel I'm working unless I'm in a show. As a result, I cast my net beyond the DC area, and spent several days auditioning for The Producers in Connecticut, and before that, attended a general audition for an up-and-coming theatre in North Carolina while I visited the pater.
More recently, I spent at least a month auditioning at a tiny theatre in Annapolis, for a production of The Fantasticks. I have unfinished business with the musical The Fantasticks, but that is another blog entry. Suffice it to say that, for now, that business will remain unfinished.

Though I confess I've been concerned about the lack of work, I am used to these periods of inactivity. My career has always had an ebb and flow to it; I tend to work a lot all at once, then remain unemployed for a while. Gladly, the current slump has come to an end, and there is once again Happy Dancing around here. That general audition I had in North Carolina at the beginning of the summer, after a loooong gestation period, yielded fruit, and I will be traveling back to NC in January for a brand new adventure. I'll be returning to the challenging world of Tom Stoppard (I did Arcadia a while back), tackling his first play.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern may end up dead, but not before I strut some stuff.

Tonight, I'm defrosting that lobster tail.


Vera Charles said...

Are you sure that they didn't mean to cast the black Scott Williams?

Congrats my friend.

Love and kisses,

Anonymous said...

Great news! Congratulations. Enjoy your lobster happy tail dance.