Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Dance Party: A Loopy, Limpy Dance

This week's Dance Party is appropriate for only one reason. I have been limping, severely, all week. On Monday, I used the only day off I am to have in a 20 day period, to travel roundtrip to New York. I had prepaid train tickets, on discount, so it was pretty important that I make my return train at 4 PM. My meeting ran long, and I was forced to dash 10 blocks, carrying a heavy backpack, to make the train. The next day, I could hardly move. It is disheartening, let me tell you, to recognize that simply walking fast would cause such muscle pain. I'm that out of shape? Anyway, I've been struggling to recover all week, just as rehearsals for Witness for the Prosecution have entered the crucial technical phase. My dogs have been barking, and more importantly, my calves have been mooing.

Here's a clip about a limp. The film, sometimes called Hold That Co-Ed, and sometimes called Hold That Girl, was released in 1938, and concerns a crooked politician based loosely on Louisiana's Huey Long. Somehow, his election campaign becomes entangled in a college football season, and musical hi jinks ensue. The film features a late appearance of John Barrymore as the crooked pol, and this little clip stars George Murphy and Joan Davis.

By the way, the trip to New York must be counted a success, which I will elaborate upon when and if I ever get some time off from rehearsal. Not likely any time soon. Until then, enjoy these youngsters dancing with limps. Why didn't this ever catch on?