Tuesday, February 17, 2009

R & G Gets Set

We've completed tech for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, and are ready to put it all together. The weekend spent on technical matters was, while not really fun (are they ever?), pretty painless. The house is under a hundred seats, and in such a black box, scene changes amount to the rearranging of boxes and the hanging of ropes and stuff. The real technical challenges are with the sound and lights, which seemed to be solidly on the right track for our show.

I was surprised to have experienced a first this weekend. Several infants attended our technical rehearsals. This startled me, I suppose, because I am used to more formal techs, with hard-ass directors demanding the impossible from harried designers, and tension reigning supreme. Instead, several new parents in the company brought along the tikes, who were cared for by anyone who was around when needed. (I wonder what Michael Kahn of The Shakespeare Theatre Co. would have said about that, if such a thing ever happened during his nightmare Techs From Hell). But it reminded me of a couple of things. NCStage is populated with young adults early in their careers and just starting their families; the folks involved are eager to make their theatre a welcome place to work and live. It's all very warm and familial (I'm the only newcomer in the bunch), and I have not heard a single argument between anybody about anything.

I don't imagine that will change as the week progresses. Today's afternoon run will be our first, followed by the Invitational Dress, which is predicted to have an audience of about 30. I have very little responsibility in this production, which may mean I'm in for a lot of fun. Stay tuned.