Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Lingo of the Letdown

Gotta hand it to tiny Bay Theatre Company. They are one of the very very few theaters who make the effort to notify actors that their auditions tanked.

Well, that's not really the way they put it, of course. And notification that you did not get the job is really appreciated by the actor. Most theaters (more than 90 %, I would estimate) don't bother with such courtesies, leaving the actor in a sort of limbo, wondering if a decision has been made, or if he is still in the running, or if the theater has dropped into the ocean, or what.

But tiny Bay Theatre is doing it right. Only a few days after my recent audition for them, I received a brief email thanking me for my efforts. I commend them for that nicety, but have to roll my eyes at the cliche which they, and all other theaters, use: "We are going in a different direction.", which direction would that be? South?