Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Dance Party: Pirates of Politics

I don't usually include any talk of politics in these pages, largely because I don't feel qualified to discuss such intricacies in depth.  I know what my views are, of course, and I hope I come to them with intelligence.  I know, for example, where my presidential vote will be going, though I admit to being somewhat disappointed in my candidate.  I think, in hindsight (though I felt this four years ago, so it isn't really hindsight), that our country would have been better off had we elected Mrs. Clinton to the top job, and allowed Mr. Obama more time in his senate seat, learning the ins and outs of legislative process (or lack thereof).
We could have used some of the Clinton political savvy in recent years.
Regardless of my listless enthusiasm for him this term, though, the thought of his opponent becoming president scares the crap out of me.

Romney really thinks cutting PBS
funding will reduce the deficit. Math
is not his strong suit.
All the talk this week has been political, due to the first of the presidential debates.  All hands agree it was won by Romney, and that Obama gave a lackluster performance, allowing all sorts of points to go unchallenged.  I'm afraid the bump Romney received from his showy performance is going to last longer than the experts are predicting.

This week's Dance Party is a parody which is several years old, but still fun.  You can tell its age by certain of its references, including one to Sarah Palin, who has dropped out of any circles of influence and become a stale joke herself. 
George Rose stopped the most
recent revival of Penzance with the
song being parodied this week.

The original song is from The Pirates of Penzance, which provided an earlier Dance Party (a real one, and a hoot) here.

Go have a ciggie, Mr. President, and get back in the game.