Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another Project

I'm looking forward to starting work on "Opus," by Michael Hollinger, at the Washington Stage Guild, on Monday. The production will be the DC premiere. Several tense days were had this week, when one of the actors (there are only 5) received and accepted an offer at the much larger Shakespeare Theatre Company, and had to withdraw. At triple the money, his decision was really a no-brainer, but put the Stage Guild into overdrive, in order to replace him before rehearsals begin.

All is well now, as a replacement has been found and rehearsals are set to begin. Bless the Stage Guild for working around my performances of Shear Madness, which are inconveniently scheduled right in the middle of the usual rehearsal day.

Opus is a deceptively simple-looking piece, a depiction of the dynamics of a string quartet struggling with interpersonal issues. The show includes much musical accompaniment to which the actors must learn to mime the movements of a string quartet. So, interspersed with the usual type of rehearsals required for a straight play, we will also be learning how to negotiate our instruments realistically.

Wish me luck with my viola...