Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Dance Party: The Plan for 2009

I’ve given 2008 the boot (“good riddance to bad rubbish,” my grandmother would say), and even taken stock of how I would like to improve my life this year (see entry below). Hey, it’s a good life, no question. But lately, I’ve felt something missing, something I used to have in abundance, but which is now hardly ever felt. A joyous, almost reckless abandonment. An unbridled enthusiasm which used to explode out of nowhere, filling me with a feeling of Fun. This used to happen almost daily, now, almost never. Is it age? Yuck. I’m tired of thinking about troubles, problems, luck not found, chances not taken. There was enough of that in 2008.

So, I’ve chosen this first Dance Party of 2009 to celebrate renewed attempts to recover enthusiasm. To leave all that other stuff, the 2008 stuff, back there, where it belongs.

The clip below is rough around the edges, and why not? The song is from “Jerry Springer, the Opera.” But it reflects what I’m feeling right now.

This year, I just want to dance.