Monday, March 5, 2007

Diving In

It's long been said, "If you want to make an actor complain, give him a job." I hope I am not one of those. I'm looking forward with great anticipation to the next several months of work, the first of 2007, actually.

My rehearsals for "Shear Madness" begin tomorrow, and end on Monday. Yep, only a week's worth, but surely enough for a returning actor. The "Second Company" opens Monday night, and will run roughly four shows a week through June 21. It looks to be a very fun group this time out, including several actors I've worked with in the past on other projects. Always fun to reconnect.

Once "Shear" is up and running, I'll be starting rehearsal for "Opus" at the Washington Stage Guild. Very very excited about this production, a DC premiere directed by my grad school buddy Steve Carpenter. So, I'll be in rehearsal, or performance, or BOTH, every day from now until the end of June.

But believe me, I'm NOT complaining...

Who needs a day off from doing what you love?