Saturday, April 28, 2007

Up and Running

Opus has opened to positive reviews. The "biggie," at least in terms of readership and the potential to affect box office, arrived Wednesday, allowing the company a sigh of satisfaction. Of course, we don't do this for the critics, but it is always nice to realize that they like us, they really like us. We have hopes that the strong acclaim and stronger word of mouth will help to build our admittedly slight attendance. So far, we've managed barely half a house, and sometimes much less, but we are finding that even the smaller crowds are fascinated and entertained by this lovely, funny little play. It's interesting to witness backstage at a string quartet, but as specific as the milieu is, it offers universality (the best kind of play, in my opinion). And the crowds who have come thus far are enthusiastic in the extreme, often requiring second curtain calls to allow them to express their admiration.

Lest we get cocky, we will be back in rehearsal this week to add an exciting flavor to the mix. One of our actors has a conflict with Thursday's show, so our terrific string supervisor, who is also a local actor of note, will be stepping in. So, it'll all be new again, at least for one night!