Wednesday, July 9, 2008


As this terrible week trudges on, I've found it difficult to concentrate on much of anything. I'm worried about the wonderful Stage Guilders who have welcomed me into their midst lately, all of whom are devastated by the sudden, inexplicable death of John MacDonald. I've heard that it has been determined that John died from a terrible fall down the stairs, a home-based accident which nobody really thinks can happen, but does.

John's passing comes at a critical time for the Washington Stage Guild, which is in the midst of a difficult Capital Campaign to raise funds necessary to finish their new theatre. The Executive Director of WSG, Ann Norton, who is John's partner in all things, has decided to continue the current Summer Season of staged readings happening at Flashpoint. I imagine John would have applauded that decision. So, I'll be appearing in Sunday's reading of Hobson's Choice, playing a man-about-town significantly younger than myself. But nobody cares about such things in a staged reading. (hey, in War with the Newts, I played a lizard with a speech impediment...).

And if we can bring a semblance of normality to the chaos this week has brought, it will be worth everything...