Friday, November 23, 2007

"The Shakes" on a Roll

I made my second trip to the "new" Harmon Center for the Arts. "New" is in quotes because I went to the old part of the new center. It's the same old Landsburg where The Shakespeare Theatre Co. has been in residence for decades, but for fundraising reasons, the building is now part of the "new" Harmon Center.

Whatever. The show, "Taming of the Shrew," is a homerun for the hometeam. Inevitably, the two leads were imported from New York, but director Rebecca Bayla Taichman, making her debut at The Shakes, was smart enough to use her knowledge of the local talent pool (she's had success at Woolly in the past), and surrounded her leads with smart DC actors. It's terrific to see local kids make good, and they do, like gangbusters. Aubrey Deeker, Bruce Nelson, Erika Rose, and Fred Shiffman are among the local gang who are tearing up the Landsburg with jazzy, snazzy, leading performances.

So, with the terrific "Edward II" running at the Harmon's new New Space, The Shakespeare Theatre has a couple of swells running.