Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Dance Party: Body Language

I've already confessed that I do not watch reality television, which includes the huge hit Dancing With the Stars, but it's difficult to avoid the passionate discussion which seems to follow each week's elimination round. From what I can glean, the under-performing advocate for teen abstinence, who has apparently left the care and feeding of her bastard child in somebody else's hands for months now, keeps progressing in the competition, despite universally poor scores from the professional judges. Really, people are surprised at the efficacy of the Palin team to get out the vote? The Washington Post has been reporting that there are even teabagger websites where people are boasting of their ability to beat ABC's system of counting votes. Somebody claimed to have voted for Bristol Palin 300 times in one evening.

None of this has anything to do with this week's Dance Party, which is a clip of a couple of real dancers. The routine is hair-raising stuff, and the absolute trust these two have in each other is wondrous to behold. The clip seems to be from a competition somewhere in the French speaking world; the raw emotion of the dancers is as compelling as their acrobatics. Enjoy and marvel: