Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rejoining the Madness

Popped down to KenCen for a photo call for "Shear Madness," which I will be rejoining for the spring daytime company (actually, three days and one night per week). I'm sure I will be blogging more about the Madness that is Shear, a production I have been privileged to participate in a couple of times over the years.

For today, the task at hand was snapping pix of the actors, in character, for the lobby display. I was very glad to be present, as the picture previously used for me in the show resembles neither man nor beast. It was fun meeting the newbies who will be learning the show from scratch, and especially hoot-full to be working with Catie Flye, who directed me in "Christmas at the Old Bull and Bush" at Arena many moons ago.

Rejoining the show will be the first in a series of very nice gigs scheduled for the coming months. 007 is looking up!