Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Dance Party: Happy Easter!

Well, there can be only one possible choice for this week's dance party, right?
Easter Parade!
Everybody knows it's one the those classic movie musicals which everybody loves. I'm sure I would love it too, if I could ever sit through the thing. I admitted quite a while ago in these pages that I had only seen two Judy Garland movies from start to finish: The Wizard of Oz, and Judgement at Nuremberg. Since that first confession, I have seen one more: A Star is Born.

But you can catch enough of Easter Parade on Youtube to see that it's a stylish musical with plenty of swell numbers. And with stars like Garland, Fred Astaire, and Ann Miller, there are many musical treats from which to choose an Easter-themed Dance Party. (And Peter Lawford looks all suave and debonair... I wonder if he sings in the movie...)

So many possibilities from Easter Parade, it's been hard to pick just one! So watch this:

I guess there are TWO Easter movies out there...