Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm not much good at waiting, which is a shame, since I spend so much of my life doing it.

Tonight is a perfect example.

This afternoon, I attended an audition at the Baltimore Shakespeare Festival. I've auditioned there at least once a year for, I don't know, 6 years or so. I always get great response from the auditors before hearing nothing. Today's issues were Twelfth Night and Taming of the Shrew. I was particularly interested in the former, as it has several good roles for me, and is being directed by a lovely woman who has always been enthusiastic about my work. We had a long discussion about my participation in Shear Madness, which will overlap 12th Night rehearsals a bit.

That is, it MAY overlap. I heard today that the closing date of the spring company of Shear has not been finalized, so it's entirely possible that there will be no conflict. Or, it's possible that the Shear contract may extend, putting me out of the running for the Balto Shakes gig completely.

So, tonight, I wait for word on a callback while I wait for word on exactly how long my commitment to Shear Madness will be.

There's more waiting to be done, too. Tonight, at a gala cocktail party or something, the annual Helen Hayes Award Nominations are being announced. I really hope my director for Opus, Steve Carpenter, receives a nod, as he certainly deserves one. (The last time I worked with Steve, he got one, so maybe I'm his good luck charm?) I suppose there is also a slight possibility that the show itself could be nominated, either as Best Resident Production (that one is not very likely, as the smaller, low-budget shows are usually overlooked in this category), or in the new category of Best Ensemble.

It would be a nice boost for the Washington Stage Guild to get some publicity with a nomination, as the company is not producing any fully staged shows this season.

So, there's waiting to be done.

Waiting for a callback.

Waiting for a contract length.

Waiting for a kudo.

Not waiting for a cocktail, though. I'm no good at waiting.

That's why I drink.

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Vera Charles said...

Jesus...nothing for two weeks then three in a row...I can't keep up!!!

Break-a-leg my friend. I'll lift one for you as well.

And... I love you...but don't tell anybody.

NEXT kisses,