Monday, May 28, 2007


Due to a scheduling glitch, our well-reviewed production of "Opus" was dark last weekend, so we reopened for five final performances this weekend. We had tremendous word of mouth, and all our shows were full, with the last three packed even "fuller."

This is particularly gratifying because nobody goes to the theatre on Memorial Day weekend. Every other theatre in town was papering their houses, while we were turning people away.

Throughout the run, in addition to rave reviews, we were a Potomac Stages Pick, and a Best Bet from local PBS station WETA (view the recommendation here).

I can't remember the last time I worked with a troop with such a familial feeling. After every evening's performance, we gathered in the green room / kitchen to share a traditional snort or three, usually Jameson's Irish Whiskey. Each Saturday, the cast, crew, and whoever else showed up, enjoyed a family meal between shows. My Caesar Salad was a particular favorite.

Before each show, we were "slapped" by our resident make-up artist, who also played with us onstage. Carl spent a few moments creating the omni-present blister which appears on all professional violist/violinist jawlines. It was a few moments of quiet, which calmed the spirit and prepared us for the work to be done.

At the places call, the five of us raised our bows in unison, wishing "all for one, and one for all."

And we were.

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