Monday, February 12, 2007

Orson's party

I caught the matinee of "Orson's Shadow" today, thank you Round House for your 10 dollar tix for Equity members. I love all backstage stories, and Jerry Whiddon's production revives the hunch that all of us, no matter what the level of prestige, experience the theatrical life with a mixture of ego and insecurity. Kudos to the cast for playing the play, and thus reflecting their characters in a much more realistic fashion than if they had resorted to simple impersonation.

Kathryn Kelley's parting shots reminded me of the chaotic callback this weekend out at Baltimore Shakespeare Festival. Dozens of actors were called at the same time, and expected to wait for their moment with the director in a cramped ante-room which had maybe 5 chairs. The director did not seem to know who or why anyone had been called back, and the time it took to try to pair actors up with acting partners effectively was, in a word, wasted. Kimberley, where are you?

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silverspringact said...

I fear that the Baltimore Shakespeare Festival (which in my opinion has always been struggling to remain viable) has started on a slow descent to their demise. They recently did some re-structuring that will probably end up hurting more than helping.

Sure, their million dollar endowment will help, but money alone can’t save a company stay afloat. You have to be good too. Kimberly was always the class act of the BSF- in my opinion, she kept the shows running and things moving forward (in a real hectic environment). With her on the fund raising side of things, I’m not sure how they’ll keep things going.